Erik Surpless: Visual Artist - Austin, Texas.

The 2013 US F1 GP is up and running in Austin, Tx this weekend! It’s only Friday Practice and I’m already sunburned lol.

Shhhh….I’m saving wabbits!

Finally got around to seeing the Austin Zoo! Definitely going back…next time with my sketchbook!

Doing some color studies here in Texas as the storms roll in this evening. Using Sketchbook Mobile on an iPhone4s. Someday I’ll get a decent stylus for doing this! Lol

Actually found this video going through the faux finishing companies website that I used to work for. Had no idea my manager Luis had set up his iPhone to record us during the process of installing this ceiling mural. The way this company did it was to hire a painter off site to paint it on a canvas, then me and the rest of the crew would glue it to the ceiling. After doing this one I’d say just painting on the ceiling would have been easier, mainly because of the columns and the plumbing in the ceiling. Btw…I’m the guy in the white shirt with the baggy pants that just won’t stay up lol ;)


Here’s a piece I did for a faux finishing company (Imago Dei) here in Austin, Texas for a client the town of Wimberley. Basically the client wanted it to look as if we snuck into where the Last Supper was painted and stole it from the wall using a saws-all. This was on masonite, primed and had a layer of lime plaster applied to it which I chipped and scuffed up after the final painting was done to make it look worn. The whole thing took about 2 weeks.

Hiking in Helotes, Texas (April 21, 2013):
Came across some fossilized dino tracks in a dried up creek bed and saw some interesting wildflowers.
…and a coral snake.