Erik Surpless: Visual Artist - Austin, Texas.

I am a visual artist living in Austin, Tx. Born and raised in Northern NJ. I do illustration, paint/airbrush-ing, and sculpting. Basically, a little bit of everything, I can take any pile of material and make it into something cool to look at. Experienced in a wide variety of media. I have previously worked for Imago Dei (interior design) doing faux finishes and in the Toy industry for Mcfarlane Toys, building background sets, painting prototypes.

Hey guys, super windy night here in Austin, Tx! Just finally got my internet back in time to upload this to the site! You can get prints of it here on my Society 6 page. Hope you enjoy!

The ancient Nautilus. Probably one of the coolest looking critters to jet around in the sea. I’ve also learned while researching this piece, that the coloration of their shells actually helps in camouflaging them in the open ocean(i.e. Dark on top and light when viewed from below). And when you think about it, it’s a brilliant sort of time-delayed camouflage since it’s always growing?! Nature is so f@#king cool!!!